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Luxe For All

We were proud to partner with Luxe to Kill on their ‘Luxe For All’ campaign, challenging and disrupting the outdated conception of skin tones in the fashion industry. In a 360 campaign created by all MUSE teams, we set out to convey the message that the term ‘Nude’ should mirror the wearer and not just represent a small minority of the market. More importantly, we hoped to evoke a wider conversation about the conception of skin colour in the fashion industry and the positive changes we can collectively make to progress our industry.

The project included the initial concept development, a marketing strategy including social media positioning and press and the creative and production of the full campaign. The result was a stunning and empowering film, featuring a diverse group of models, plus beautifully shot fashion and style edits which we are proud to hold against the agency’s name as some of our finest work.